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Yu-Ching Wang was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and now lives and works in New York. She is a multidisciplinary artist whose work spans spatial installations, video, performative action, and photography. Yu-Ching received her Master's degree in Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in 2022. She holds a BFA focused on Mixed Media from the Taipei National University of the Arts and an MFA in Plastic Arts from the Tainan National University of the Arts. She recently held a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei and participated in the AiOP Festival in New York, and her works have been exhibited in France, South Korea, Serbia, and other countries.


Artist Statement

My recent works focus on exploring the social and cultural elements in the environment around me through my identity as a foreigner. Like a social investigator, based on objectively observing the living environment and society, then I create artworks through subjective thinking. I collect information and clues from the outside world, such as abandoned objects in parks and seemingly unrelated events that happened in New York City in the same month, and associate them with my thoughts on culture, society, politics, and my personal experiences about race and my cultural background. Through intervening in specific situations, such as public spaces, to create artwork from my perspective, I enjoy creating unusual and humorous scenes that reveal hidden critical and political concepts and meanings. I strive for the moment when people become aware of the unexpected realities my project sparks.


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