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Art in Odd Places 2022_ STORY
AiOP STORY 2022 Artist List
Art in Odd Places 2022: STORY

Dates: September 23-25, 2022

Location: Manhattan, 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River

Festival: Art In Odd Places 2022: STORY 


"A Weekend in the World"  by Maxwell Williams

"The 14th Street Path of Empathy" by Harley J. Spiller aka Inspector Collector

"To Tell Their Story" by Eliza Luce

"On 14th Street, A Weaving of Stories"  by Matthew López-Jensen

“What’s Your Story?” at Bureau of General Service – Queer Division" by Martha Wilson



Art in Odd Places (AiOP) is an annual public art festival that has championed the importance of public space as a venue for the well-being of people to interact, initiate, and exchange ideas since 2005. We invite all New Yorkers, residents, and visitors, to take a break from their daily routine to engage with the artists and their artwork. AiOP is a volunteer-run organization.

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AiOP has three major goals: 1. Teaching the value of public space: There is immense value and myriad possibilities inherent in public space. Now more than ever it is important for people to connect in public spaces as civil liberties are disappearing. 2. Creating a sense of community: Art should be easily accessible to everybody. All AiOP events are free and public, bringing people from all walks of life together. 3. Variety: AiOP features thought-provoking projects mixing highbrow and lowbrow art to educate the public on the benefits of public space


Annual New York City Festival

Art in Odd Places 2022: STORY curated by Jessica Elaine Blinkhorn, with curatorial assistants Gretchen Vitamvas, Abbie Argo, and Clara Grusq, taking place along 14th Street from Avenue C to the Hudson River will present 40+ artists’ projects that highlight marginalized and untold STORIES. The festival artists will showcase installations and performances along the entire 2.2-mile length of 14th Street from September 23-25. All the artworks and performances are outdoors to demonstrate commitment to a public, community-centered approach to art. Because of this approach, we strive to produce the festival within existing public space regulations and the majority of our artists do not obtain permits.

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